Unleashing the Untapped Potential of Binge-Watching for Brands

During the Dutch Media Week, our company unveiled a new approach to film productions for streamers, involving brands as financial partners In an era where the media industry is constantly evolving, we are taking a bold step by replacing traditional financing methods with brand funding.

At the Dutch Media Week, Remy Steijger and Jop Goslinga had the opportunity to present our concept of "Brand-Funded Originals" to an audience of media professionals and enthusiasts.

“While audiences flock to streaming platforms, brands keep pouring fortunes into linear television, notes our Founder, Remy Steiger. So in a situation where we have cash-strapped streamers aspiring for high-quality content and brands hemorrhaging funds to a diminishing audience we saw an opportunity.“

Captains is currently working on new productions that will be funded by brands. While some may doubt the suitability of brands for documentaries, we are determined to prove that this can lead to truthful and impactful productions.

In the words of Jop Goslinga:"Traditional financing methods within the documentary industry through streaming services and production companies can sometimes stifle creative freedom. That's why, in this era of constant evolution in the media industry, we have taken the step of embracing brand funding. This opens doors to new dimensions of creativity and freedom for filmmakers."

At Captains, we view this innovative approach to storytelling as the future. We are committed to consistently pushing boundaries and forming partnerships that reinforce our vision of a dynamic and inclusive media landscape. If you'd like to learn more about our work or explore partnership opportunities, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at info@captains.nl

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