The ‘Windwapper’
of The Hague

Along the A4 motorway - on Hague territory - a 100-meter high windmill has been built. A prestige project for The Hague, a downright horror for the residents of the Zeehelden neighborhood in Leidschendam. Captains is producing a documentary about the controversial wind turbine.

Local residents have united in Bewonersgroep Windturbine Vlietzone (BWV) and are jointly fighting against the now hated wind turbine. The resistance in Leidschendam against the Windwapper - as it is called in Dutch - is exemplary of a growing problem. Local residents all over the country are involved too late in the decision-making process and also have nowhere to go afterwards with their complaints. According to law professor emeritus Koers, this is a serious violation of the legal protection of citizens, comparable to the allowance affair.

Executive producer Boudewijn Vermolen came up with the idea for the documentary: "I know one of the families with whom that thing was put in the backyard and knew that they were not happy with it, but I kind of dismissed that as a luxury problem. Literally years later, I found out that they were still campaigning - to no avail. I appalled them if they might want to tell their story on camera, but they firmly refused because ‘that political nightmare’ gives them too much negative energy. That's when I knew we had to do something with this."

Director Marlou Wirken "Headaches, sleepless nights and a tarnished view; When - without consultation - a wind turbine is placed in your backyard your whole world is turned upside down. With this documentary we show what the personal consequences can be of one windmill for an entire neighborhood in Leidschendam."

The Hague Windwapper fits perfectly with Captains' ambition to bring good, small, local stories to a large audience. The documentary is being realized with support from the South Holland Media Fund. The Hague Windwapper can be seen this summer on Omroep West.

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