Media Talent of the Year

Lucy van Gaalen, producer and creative director of Captains, has been nominated for the title of Media Talent of the Year. Every year Broadcast Magazine presents the award to young, notable talents in the media industry.

"Lucy van Gaalen (29) initially studied nursing, but found out in the final phase of her studies that it was not quite the right fit, after which she switched to Communications. After an internship at Het Klokhuis, NTR was eager to keep her and she continued to work part-time for the broadcaster", Broadcast Magazine writes.

Her second internship was with the young production company Captains, which offered her a contract to build up an editorial team. She does so successfully, after which she moves into the position of editor-in-chief herself. In that capacity, she collaborates on numerous productions for brands and broadcasters. At a young age she effortlessly served brands such as Volvo, PostNL, Allianz Direct and IKEA, and worked on all seasons of Força Koeman (Videoland).

She then grows into a producer and even becomes a partner in the 20-strong company Captains. Her first documentary series of her own is JAMAL, a co-production with Amsterdam-based Scenery, launched at Streamz (Belgium) and later shown at Videoland."

The award will be presented on Thursday, October 5, during the Dutch Media Week Talent Day in Beeld & Geluid. For the fifth time, the Media Talent of the Year will be chosen on behalf of BM's youth platform (Broadcast Magazine).

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