new docu series Jamal

In late October, our new documentary series Jamal was launched on Streamz in Belgium. In the three-part series, we follow kickboxer Jamal Ben Saddik in his dream of becoming a world champion.

For quite some time we followed the Flemish-Moroccan kickboxer in his eventful life. It became a special production, because what was originally supposed to be six months of filming became two years. Jamal's life took bizarre turns, and we were allowed to capture it all up close. The result is an intimate and exciting sports story about the amount of adversity a person can endure.

The series was developed by Captains in co-production with Scenery for Streamz, making it the first original made by Captains for the Belgian market. The series will also be shown in the Netherlands this fall. Direction was in the hands of Duco Coops.

Lucy van Gaalen, producer of the series: "Jamal's life kept turning 180 degrees during filming, it was a tough exercise for our team to keep moving along. In documentary this is of course often, but in this case every part was unpredictable. I am proud that we managed to make a very personal and intimate story despite all the uncertainties. Especially even for the non-sports fan, because this is about the resilience of a human being, with universal setbacks."

Watch the trailer of the series below:

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