Picks 09

As a production company, we are inspired daily by visual gems and strong content. Check out our monthly personal staff picks here. Enjoy!

Volvo - Little Things

For Volvo's new EX30 - their smallest SUV of all time - director Marcus Ibanez tells a touching story about a father and daughter, lost in conversation. "What means a lot to you?" she asks, and his reply is a beautiful visual representation of parenthood. Combined with the dreamy visuals of Academy Award winning DP Linus Sandgren, this commercial is simply one of those that undoubtedly touches the viewer's heart.

How To with John Wilson: HBO Documentary

We love experimentation and new forms in docs, and How To with John Wilson on HBO will certainly amaze you. It’s best described as a bizarre, comic docu series on HBO from a documentary filmmaker who gives infinite images from the streets of New-York new meaning through editing. The first episode begins funny, anthropological and pretty weird, and just when you think it's not really about anything, it suddenly becomes meta.

Siemens Xcelerator - Parents

A charming and very simple example of how to convey a rather technical and seemingly dry message, in a playful way. Siemens Xcelerator, an open digital business platform, lets parents of employees explain what kind of work their children do at Siemens Xcelerator. In a very recognizable way: parents who - by no means out of disinterest - cannot always explain his or her child's job.

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