Picks 10

As a production company, we are inspired daily by visual gems and strong content. Check out our monthly personal staff picks here. Enjoy!

Airbnb - Gay Chorus Deep South

Another inspiring example of brand-funded documentary. And also a rather surprising one. In 2019, Airbnb stepped into the film festival circuit with the feature-length documentary film Gay Chorus Deep South. A beautiful story that follows 300 members of the San Fransico Gay Men's Chorus on a 10-day tour across the Southeastern U.S. with the goal of inspiring conversation around inclusivity and civil rights. But why did the Silicon Valley commerce company decide to dive into film production? James Goode, Airbnb’s head of creative, explained that the film aligns with its corporate values that all people should be treated with dignity and respect and welcomed and celebrated. That was their impetus to bring the story.

Lululemon - Beautifully Savage

Activewear brand Lululemon managed to connect a very personal and quite raw story with its own brand values without being overdramatic. Brand ambassador Joe Buckner turned his life around after focusing on one simple thing, becoming better. Physical training gave him this discipline leading to entrepreneurship. He now runs his own boxing studio, Beautifully Savage, which is supporting others to do the same.

Hedvig - Stolen Bike

Between all the long-form cases, something completely different. We love long form, but this extremely short commercial from Swedish insurance company Hedvig proves how you can tell a rock-solid story in one shot, with one sentence, one message, extremely simplistically.  The commercial is part of Hedvig’s campaign featuring stolen bikes, lost luggage and burning dresses, directed by Norwegian directing duo Matias & Mathias who have been making commercials as a duo since they were 16.

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