Picks 11

As a production company, we are inspired daily by visual gems and strong content. Check out our monthly personal staff picks here. Enjoy!

Cost of Beauty - Dove

Here is another good example that brands don't have to just promote their products in their videos, but can also showcase what they stand for as a brand. The Dove Self Esteem Project has been in existence since 2004 and has had a positive impact on the new generation and their self-esteem. This year, Dove UK has once again released an impressive video, addressing the influence of social media on having an eating disorder. The power of the message was delivered without a word too many.

Made for Meaningful Travel - RIMOWA

A surprising and touching video that initially doesn't feel like an advertisement. It follows the story of a hardworking man who is constantly on the go, while hearing voicemail messages from his family expressing their love and longing for him. Although these voicemails contain fairly ordinary content, the power lies in the tone and repetition, creating a deep emotional impact. What truly sets this commercial apart is the clever use of real voicemail messages from actor and film producer Miles Crawford, which provides an intriguing blend of fiction and non-fiction audio.

Dear Santa - US Postal Service

As December draws near, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season comes closer. In the Brand-Funded documentary ‘Dear Santa,’ available on AppleTV+, we delve into the United States Postal Service’s ‘Operation Santa.’ This film showcases the annual tradition of adopting letters addressed to Santa and making children’s dreams come true. It takes viewers on a cross-country journey, visiting Operation Santa centers in both big cities and small towns, revealing poignant wishes that go beyond toys. Dear Santa captures the timeless warmth and spirit of Christmas.

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