Picks 06

As a production company, we are inspired daily by visual gems and strong content. Check out our monthly personal staff picks here. Enjoy!

The North Face x Gucci

Francis Bourgeois is well known on TikTok for his trainspotting videos, his eccentric appearance and his love for nature. In addition, he is the main character in this second part of the collaboration between The North Face and Gucci. In this perfectly stylized video, we as viewers join him on a train journey right through the Alps. In a Wes Anderson-like setting, The North Face x Gucci collection shines. A beautiful video that, with Bourgeois in the lead role, ties in perfectly with contemporary pop culture.

Becks | Pro aging beer

Beer brand Becks is launching a very special product: Beck's 70+. A beer specially marketed for older people. This commercial pokes fun at a scene from the comedy "Superbad" and shows an elderly woman visiting a supermarket to buy this special product.

Mailchimp | Second Act

A popular format from MailChimp, Second Act follows people who have taken a new direction in their careers and defined their own version of success. Each story is captured in a raw and intimate way that captivates from start to finish. For example, in this episode we see the story of Sterling Davis; once a rapper in Atlanta and now founder of a cat charity.

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