Picks 07

As a production company, we are inspired daily by visual gems and strong content. Check out our monthly personal staff picks here. Enjoy!

KitchenAid | A Woman’s Place

KitchenAid proved in 2020 how documentary can be perfectly used as a branding tool. Commissioned by the brand, the beautiful documentary A Woman's Place appeared on streaming platform Hulu, in which we follow three female chefs who found their way in a male-dominated industry. The result is a perfect example of how, as a brand, you can bring a good story that people intrinsically want to watch.

MANGO | ‘The Escapade’

To launch MANGO's new collection in collaboration with Simon Miller, director Tom Dream created a short fashion film set on a cruise. His eccentric cinematic style fits perfectly with the rest of the campaign and product photography, making the film a brilliant part of the collection launch. Fun fact: the crew members on the cruise ship you see in the film are real.

Spotify | a Day in Ghana With Kendrick Lamar

Every brand is also a publisher these days, and so is Spotify. To celebrate the launch of Kendrick's latest album, they show a short docu-clip of him with his friends in Ghana. Despite feeling personal and suggesting a new perspective on the artist, the film also stays on the surface enough to keep him elusive. The quotes that come along are almost as poetic as the lyrics in his music. With this, Spotify proves that, as a brand, they like to be involved with artists.

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