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Dive Tierra Bomba Dive - Reb Bull Media

Red Bull Media House was established by Red Bull with the aim of clarifying the company's values. While Red Bull has a strong connection to the world of sports, they aspire to showcase more than just athletes. They are eager to support athletes and adventurers with a significant message, as exemplified in the case of Yassandra Barrio.   In the short documentary "Dive Tierra Bomba Dive," the inspiring story of Yassandra Barrio is narrated. This 19-year-old Colombian woman serves as an environmental activist, advocating for the coral reef she loves to dive into. Her mission is to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the marine ecosystem.   In addition to conveying a message about environmental consciousness, the filmmakers aimed to take it a step further. The film was produced in a climate-neutral manner. As the directors emphasize, environmentally conscious filmmaking is not just about offsetting the impact; it involves careful consideration of every production step to minimize the impact.   this documentary shows the drive of not only the source, but also that of the creator and the brand

Finding Yourself in Community - Zi Donnya Piggott

The film series "Power of Travel," produced by Marriott's Content Studio, takes us to beautiful travel destinations that hold significant meaning for some travelers. The series emphasizes the transformative effect of travel and the stories it brings along.   In the first episode of the four-part documentary series created by Marriott, entrepreneur and LGBT advocate Zi Donnya Piggott explores Puerto Rico for the first time. As the founder of Pink Coconuts, a platform connecting LGBT travelers with queer-friendly places, Piggott aims to create a sense of community and alleviate the fear of exclusion.   Marriott cleverly leverages this documentary not only to showcase picturesque destinations but also to highlight the value that individuals can derive from those destinations.

All That Breathes - Dogwoof

"All That Breathes" is a beautiful documentary that unveils a unique story hidden within the crowded city of Delhi. The film follows two Muslim brothers who care for injured birds of prey amid a chaotic urban environment.   Despite the city's hustle and pollution, director Shaunak Sen succeeds in presenting the beauty of the birds in an impressive manner. Using extensive shots and careful close-ups. His approach goes beyond just 'nice shot' making, offering a poetic revelation of Delhi's ecosystem, including a striking scene featuring a centipede moving across a puddle, reflecting the image of a passenger plane. It is the eye for detail that makes this documentary extra special.   As the societal reality of being a Muslim in predominantly Hindu India permeates the narrative, the documentary remains a heartwarming experience amidst religious protests and escalating violence, thanks to the profound empathy the brothers feel for all that breathes.

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