Picks 12

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Walking Two Worlds - The North Face

‘The North Face’ is an American outdoor clothing brand committed to nature preservation. Through initiatives like using sustainable materials and supporting environmental organizations, they showcase environmental responsibility. Their documentary 'Walking Two Worlds' underscores the brand’s autonomy.They prove that you can seize the opportunity to express your values through your own online presence, without necessarily relying on third parties, but acting as your own publisher.   The documentary features a powerful narrative about Quannah Chasinghorse, a young Han Gwich'in woman who grew up between two worlds. Beyond its captivating visuals, the film conveys an important message, providing a good insight into the threats facing the area and calling for action to safeguard it.

From chocolate criminal to world improver - TONY

Tony's Chocolonely, the Dutch chocolate brand, presents a powerful statement on fair trade and ethical cocoa sourcing through this documentary. The brand embodies its principles not only in the form of the chocolate bar and the information on the inside of the packaging but also vocalizes its stance in this documentary. Despite the film being over 7 years old, the story maintains its impact. The documentary provides an in-depth look into the chocolate industry by sharing poignant stories of cocoa farmers, with the noble goal of creating a chocolate industry free from slavery. In addition to offering their delicious chocolate, Tony's also emphasizes the importance of consumer awareness.

Oblivian starring Olivia Colman - Make My Money Matter

Make My Money Matter is an impactful campaign raising awareness about pension funds and their investments. The campaign calls for action, urging individuals to advocate for pension funds to invest in sustainable companies and projects. This recent video takes a different approach by employing irony and sarcasm to shed light on the harsh reality. The power of the narrative, a convincing monologue, and an engaging personality are essential elements. This video illustrates inspiringly how these factors amplify the impact of a message.

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