Picks 08

As a production company, we are inspired daily by visual gems and strong content. Check out our monthly personal staff picks here. Enjoy!

FIAT – Operation No Grey

In their brilliant new campaign, characteristic Fiat CEO Olivier Francois announces that from now on Fiat will no longer produce gray cars. Under the credo: "Italy, land of color," the brand is telling a story that will captivate even viewers who are not interested in buying a new car. By claiming the theme of color, in the recognizable Italian arena, Fiat is conquering ground in the minds of viewers. Moreover, the brand proves that even a longer commercial (1.5 minutes in this case) works well when telling a strong story.

Google – Pixel Buds 2

We guarantee you'll spend two and a half minutes amused watching this video about Google's Pixel Buds earbuds. It's proof that with brilliant (art) direction, even the design story of a tech product can make for a great, happy and inspiring story. Director Tucker Bliss lets us see through the eyes of the designers, and does so in such a charming way that you not only believe what they're saying, but absolutely feel like participating yourself.

State of Washington Tourism – True to Nature

The State of Washington Tourism made clever use of branded documentary last summer with this wonderful five-part series. Several touching stories of people, set in different places within Washington - it's actually quite simple. But effective, because as a viewer you immediately imagine yourself in and around the islands of the American state.

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