Wendy van Dijk’s platform, WENDY, launched a new, large-scale campaign in September 2018: ‘Run to the Moon and Back’. People were urged to run for the Make A Wish Foundation. Running mileage could be tracked in an app, and the users could make themselves viable for sponsorship. A campaign that required clear explanation and a call to action at the start.


For the kick-off of Run to the Moon and Back, we opted for an animation video. In collaboration with an illustrator, we created a character based on Wendy van Dijk, who provided the voice-over in addition to being the face of the campaign. In the short video, we see Wendy running towards the moon to raise money for the foundation.

The animation was designed to encourage the download of the accompanying app and to explain in a clear manner how the ‘Run to the Moon and Back’ campaign worked.


The animation video was the most important asset in a large-scale awareness campaign and was therefore used on social and digital out-of-home displays. In addition, the animated Wendy was shown on RTL Boulevard and on screens in Dutch stations.