Everyone knows the name Esther Vergeer, but not everyone knows her entire – very exceptional – story. Commissioned by NOC * NSF and its management, we were asked to tell the story of Esther Vergeer in the run-up to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, where Vergeer attended as chef de mission of the Paralympic team.


Esther Vergeer is perhaps the greatest athlete the Netherlands has ever had; she never lost a single tennis match in ten years. We thought this story had to be shared with a wider audience.

That is why we created two mini-documentaries on Facebook. The documentaries each lasted seven minutes, traditionally speaking relatively long for a fleeting medium like Facebook. A bold idea, but the viewer seemed to have no problem with it. The documentaries scored off the charts.


With the two mini-documentaries, we reached 345,000 people, of which 220,000 watched the documentary for at least 80%. The relevance score on Facebook turned out to be a 9.3 and the cost per view was only € 0.005. Great scores.

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