The briefing from Volvo Car Netherlands was crystal clear; make a video series that fits in with our international sustainability campaign. A clear assignment, but at the same time, not a simple one. After all, for such a large player in the car industry it is not easy to communicate about sustainability in an authentic way. However, Volvo has ambitious sustainability goals and takes a close look at everything they do. The result of this is the ambition to be fully climate neutral by 2040 and to introduce five new, fully electric models within the next five years. This is not an empty promise, as the first tangible steps have already been taken. It is up to us to come up with a creative concept with which we fulfill Volvo’s ambitions in the field of sustainability. And above all, to do this in a sincere manner.

“We deliberately opted for stories that have a broader perspective than just the car industry. (...) We are inspired by the passion and ambition of the 'changemakers' and are happy to give them a stage.”

Hans Corssmit

Manager Communications a.i. bij Volvo Car Nederland


To highlight Volvo’s ambitious goals, we chose to link stories from real people to Volvo’s message. Stories about Dutch people who are pioneers in the field of sustainability, which we portrayed cinematically.
For Volvo, this meant a whole new way of communicating, because telling these real stories is very different from a traditional commercial. That was also exactly what they wanted. As a major player in this industry, you should acknowledge that you have an important share in the playing field of sustainability to be able to communicate about it in an authentic way. For that reason, we searched the stories for a link with Volvo that can be felt on an abstract level; the common denominator is the ambition to make the world a better place. The message? We, as Volvo, are part of the problem, so we are also part of the solution. That is why Volvo is inspired by these “changemakers”.

“The main focus within this case was to find suitable stories with a deeper meaning; unbridled ambition and a feeling of urgency. Only under these conditions, an authenthic link with Volvo's story can be made.”

Lucy van Gaalen

Editor in Chief