YoungCapital, the recruitment specialist for young people, wants to inspire young people between ages 16 and 24 to combine their passion and their work. To just start and do what you really like. To follow your heart. That’s why we developed a new social campaign, with focus on Instagram. We produce efficiently so that we can create all the necessary assets; from Instagram stories to square videos for the timeline. In short: a campaign that fits us and YoungCapital perfectly.


We made portrait videos of young people with an inspiring story. One has turned his passion into his own company, the other is still struggling with that. But whatever the story is, all videos have one thing in common. The message is that there is no secret ingredient for success. Sometimes you fall – sometimes you even fall ten times – but then you stand up again because doing what you do is what you love the most. The fact that you have to work alongside your passion or your own company to have financial security is completely normal.

“Amazing that a brand new collaboration can run so smoothly. We already had a concept in mind, but Captains really took it to the next level and carried it out very well. It is great that together with you, we can tell the stories of these passionate young people. ”

Suzanne Heemskerk