Making the shift from Facebook as a web care and campaign tool to Facebook as a branding tool. That was the most important question put forth by PostNL after a pitching process. Facebook is one of the most important channels for PostNL to answer questions and complaints from customers, but they are gradually placing more and more organic content that reinforces PostNL as a brand. How can you use a channel, known to your audience as the go-to place for complaints, as a place that organically attracts them by fun, funny, sympathetic or beautiful content? We gladly take on this challenge.


For PostNL’s Facebook channel, we make use of the impact that good ‘hooks’ or ‘newsjacking’ can have. Gradually, it became clear to us what the ‘orange’ feeling is when it comes to newsjacking. The content should at least be sympathetic and put a smile on your face. We do not always want to act in a forced funny way just for the sake of it, but the copy is allowed to be pretty sharp at times. Sometimes, the strongest thing to do is to take a good look at oneself and use a healthy dose of self-mockery.

With newsjacking, we hook onto current events. We also do that in other ways, for example, by creating beautiful video content in the form of portraits of delivery people. In times of criticism, it appears that many Dutch people stand up for their own delivery person. To embody this, we make authentic portraits in which we show these favorite delivery people to the rest of the Netherlands. The slogan ‘Being the favorite delivery service of the Netherlands’ isn’t for nothing.

Results newsjacking

Newsjacking has the potential to travel far, far beyond one's own platform. We saw that, for example, during Ajax's legendary match against Real Madrid, in which Real-player Ramos consciously picked up a yellow card because he apparently did not see Ajax as a solid opponent. Less than half an hour after the end of the game, we already hooked onto this. The newsjacking was picked up by various platforms and was massively shared and liked on their own Facebook page.

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Reach, outside own platform


Result video content

The video content that we make is also very well received and results in very positive engagement. The first portrait in the series of favorite delivery people that we made for PostNL reached more than 250,000 people. What is more special is that the engagement consists of virtually only (very) positive responses. All this while the audience previously used all posted content to post complaints.