One Young World is an event where future leaders come together to come up with new ideas and insights that contribute to a better world. Therefore, it is entirely justified that The Hague was the stage for One Young World in 2018. After all, a better world is being worked on throughout the year in The Hague.

With almost 2,000 participants, the edition in The Hague was the most visited edition ever, with inspiring young speakers from all over the world. The necessary content was already created around the congress, but much of this content was fleeting. Therefore, Captains has been asked to take a closer look at this.


We wanted to show the conference through the eyes of the Young Professionals who were present. For four days we closely followed four of the delegation speakers during the conference. We were present during their speeches and had them tell their inspiring story again in front of the camera.

On the International Day of Human Rights, also 70 years since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we shared the documentary containing their stories.


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