How do you make television from social media? In collaboration with distributor Switch, we have found a way. Football Viral is the format that brings the highlights of the football (soccer) world on social media to the viewer in a clever way, on a weekly basis. The format is now running in more than ten countries. In the Netherlands, the program is broadcast by Fox Sports several times a week.


The editors scour the internet every week to collect the most beautiful and striking posts on social media. These are divided into different categories (think of current affairs, tricks, fun, lifestyle) and provided with context and coherence through the voice over. Each week, this results in a current issue of a cheerful, up-to-date and fast magazine.


Football Viral reaches people all over the world. In addition to FOX Sports, it is already being broadcasted in over 14 other countries. It has produced very favorable licensing deals with major players, clubs, and sports media companies.