The Edwin van der Sar Foundation received a contribution from the funds from the ‘VriendenLoterij’ to give the participants of their project, De Class, more of a spotlight in a campaign.

In addition, there had to be more recognition of the problems that young people with acquired brain injury (ABI) encounter. The participants of De Class are ambitious, educated and have potential, but because of the injuries they have suffered, their future prospects now look different than initially thought. With intensive guidance, they begin to believe in themselves and their future again.


We made two moving cinematic portraits with former participants of De Class. Sivan is now working despite his ABI and is happy and grateful. Ysabel is still at the start of the reintegration process, but she has gained more self-esteem and better outlook from the class as well. Both stories clearly show that this group of young people, who do not go beyond rehabilitation in regular care, still have a lot of spirit and zest for life. An ‘overlooked’ group that is of great value to society.


With a minimal media budget deployment, the stories reached 1.4 million people and we scored at least 400 thousand views. With this, the set goals were achieved and De Class received the attention it deserved. The government is now also looking into whether the De Class model can be rolled out across the country. A nice boost for such a beautiful project.


1,4 miljoen


+400 duizend