Ever since the economy started to pick up, people are making their way to the bowling alley more often. However, bowling is one of those activities that you do not consider off the bat but cannot seem to shake the desire for as soon as someone brings it up.

So, it is not surprising that the Dutch Bowling Association (Dutch: Nederlandse Vereniging van Bowlingondernemers) approached us with the question: “How do we ensure that people consider bowling again?”


The objective is clear; creating awareness around bowling. We have devised a social campaign for this, with a special focus on the three most important target groups: children’s parties, company outings, and students.

Everyone has bowled at some point, everyone knows what it is, and everyone has their own memory of the bowling alley. So, we did not even need to show a bowling alley to make you think of bowling.

For the observant viewer, every video has a subtle nod to the best bowling movie ever made, The Big Lebowski.


The videos were well received! We saw this reflected in the high engagement; more than 10,000 post likes, over 1,000 comments and more than 1,100 shares.

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