As an insurance company, how do you evoke more brand involvement online? Allianz Direct challenged us to find out. We became partners and we set out to provide the various channels of Allianz Direct with interesting, fun and even inspiring content. A result of this is the video campaign “Protect what you love” (NL: Bescherm wat je lief is), which we will launch in September 2020. The most important goal? Inspiring people to take good care of the belongings that are important to them. Some things are worth more than just their monetary value.

“It is very pleasant to listen to a story while your eyes can focus on a process of actions that has been portrayed almost dreamlike. It helps to deliver the story on a different level. In a less intellectual and more emotional way.”

Chiel Verbakel

Head of Video


To convey the core message of Allianz Direct – “take good care of the things that are important to you” – we looked for beautiful stories about possessions worth protecting and could be restored. that we could restore. The key to success for these videos was in the research, finding real stories. We wanted to portray the stories in the most sincere and honest way so we carefully looked for the right ones. These may be emotional stories, but with a positive and forward-looking tone of voice. It is precisely that tone of voice that honours Allianz Direct’s most important core value: looking forward. The main focus of this project was the dedicated research process to make mini-documentaries, that perfectly align with the brand. And most importantly: protecting the integrity of the main characters so that they could tell their stories.

We chose a form in which we tell the story off-camera as an audio story. At the same time, we can see the restoration process of this special item on screen. By bringing content and image together in this way, we do the stories justice with a form that not only looks beautiful, but also moves you.

“For this series, we looked for possessions of great emotional value. These often have heavy, emotional stories attached to them. I thought it was important not to emphasise the emotional aspect too much but focus more on the positive and future-oriented parts of the stories.That aligns better with Allianz Direct.”

Lucy van Gaalen