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Starters Den Haag
Olaf & Puck
The assignment

Within three double portraits we follow our six main characters during their everyday activities. They all have completely different job positions within an organization, industry or association. Their personalities are completely opposite. And yet their stories relate to each other, because they have something in common: The Hague.

Their stories find each other. This is symbolically reflected in different ways. Within a double portrait, both people have benefitted from the same instance in The Hague, share a place that is meaningful to them in some way, or are situated in a certain place in the city.

Concept & strategie:

Yannick Commereuc
Boudewijn Vermolen


Sofie Goslinga


Maria Gertsen
Marlou Wirken


Nino Doornbos


Adam Van der Maat
Hans de Jonge


Yannick Commereuc

Marlou & Mufaro
Alejandro & Tijn
Production photos