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<h2>Social content PostNL</h2>
Postman Jacob

<h4>The assignment</h4>

Transitioning from using Facebook as a webcare and advertising platform to using it as a branding instrument. That was the main question PostNL posed us with after a pitch process. Facebook is one of PostNL’s most important tools in answering and assisting their clients, but they are slowly publishing more organic content that strengthens their brand. How do you turn a channel where people already know how to find you, into a place that they are organically drawn to through entertaining, funny, sympathetic or beautiful content? Captains is giving the people behind PostNL a face in an honest way through portraits in the form of video content.


Parcel deliverer Martijn
Parcel deliverer Amer
Parcel deliverer Henry

<h4>Production photos</h4>