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Puike plannen // Prime plans

The assignment

Bureau Citybranding wants to challenge the people of The Hague to come up with a plan to make The Hague better, prettier or more fun than it already is, and to show as many people outside of The Hague as possible. The target audience consisted of students and young professionals. How do we reach this audience and – maybe even more importantly- how do we make sure they submit their great plans to improve their city?

With this campaign, we didn’t just meet the reach objectives, but the reactions were also very positive!

This campaign also contributes to the growth of an online channel that we’ve recently set up; BE HAGUE.


“We are showing the world the strength and creativity of the people of The Hague; I hope that the winning plan will make me even more proud of our city than I already am.”

Richard de Mos, alderman and deputy mayor



Boudewijn Vermolen



Maryn Kooter



Chiel Verbakel



Rik Komáromi



Chiel Verbakel


Extra call video
Extra call video

Production photos