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Protect what you love
Story Claudia
The assignment

How can insurance companies increase their brand engagement online? This is the challenge Allianz Direct presented us with. So we worked together to provide a constant stream of interesting, fun and even inspiring content for several of Allianz Direct’s channels. One of the final products of this is the video campaign ‘Protect what you love’, which we launched in September 2020. The most important goal? Inspire people to take good care of the things at are important to them. Because some things can’t be valued with money.


“For this series, we looked for possessions with great emotional value. This usually turns into heavy stories quite quickly. I thought it was important not to turn this series into a downer, but to look for positive, forward-thinking stories. That is an excellent fit for Allianz Direct.”

Lucy van Gaalen – Editor-in-chief

“It’s a pleasant story to listen to while your eyes focus on a process of actions that have been almost dreamily captured in film. It helps to bring the story to another level emotionally. In a less rational and more emotional way.”

Chiel Verbakel – Head of Video


Boudewijn Vermolen
Lucy van Gaalen



Margo de Roos



Lucy van Gaalen
Maria Gertsen



Chiel Verbakel



Rik Komáromi
Dorotea Pace (AC)



Chiel Verbakel



Tjeerd Melchers

Main videos
Story Brenda
Story Jesse
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15 second version
4×5 variant
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