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Green Cities
The assignment

Cities are getting busier. At this moment, 50% of the world population lives in cities. In 2050, this will have increased to 75%. With climate change on the horizon, cities could use some upgrades.

That’s why the European Nurserystock Association started an initiative: Green Cities. Green Cities create more biodiversity, meer social cohesion, lower temperatures and a better living- and working environment.

To bring this message to light, the ENA asked us to make a brand movie in which all these advantages are bundled in an overview of green projects in cities all over Europe. We filmed in 13 different countries and worked with a big group of local freelancers – a big production with some operational challenges. Music played an important role in this production, and we asked KH Music to compose.


We received many genuine positive reactions, from all over Europe!

Paul Ras – Client

“With the perspective that this project will directly contribute to a solution to one of the biggest challenges of the moment, it is a great project to work on.”

Christian Kasius – Concept & Edit


Christian Kasius



Maryn Kooter



Marlou Wirken
Maria Gertsen



Christian Kasius



Maarten Slooves



Christian Kasius

Production photos