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Green Cities
The assignment

Cities are getting busier. At this moment, 50% of the world population lives in cities. In 2050, this will be 75%. With climate change on the horizon, cities could use some upgrades.

That’s why the European Nurserystock Association started an initiative: Green Cities. Green Cities create more biodiversity, meer social cohesion, lower temperatures and a better living- and work environment.

To bring this message to light, the ENA asked us to make a brand movie in which all these advantages are bundled in an overview of green projects in cities all over Europe. We filmed in 13 different countries, working with a big group of local freelancers – a big production with some operational challenges. . Music played an important role in this production, and we asked KH Music to compose.


We received many genuine positive reactions, from all over Europe!

Paul Ras – Client

“With the perspective that this project will directly contribute to a solution to one of the biggest challenges of the moment, it is a great project to work on.”

Christian Kasius – Concept & Edit

Production photos