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Força Koeman III: The Climax
Trailer Força Koeman III
The assignment

Forca Koeman III is the last part of the docu series about Ronald Koeman’s adventure as head coach of FC Barcelona. In this final part of the trilogy, we follow the last months before the famous coach’s dismissal and see how his dream to succeed at his dream club is shattered.

‘I gave my everything during my time working there,’ says Koeman. “After my resignation from FC Barcelona, I decided not to give any interviews and to keep radio silence. I want to get my story correctly. The whole story, all in one place. That’s what I did and that’s also what you’re going to see in these last three episodes.’

For the series, we worked together with sport management Wasserman, as well as Barça Studios, the media branch of FC Barcelona. This allowed camera access within the club, allowing us to capture unique footage. One of those was the pre-match discussion for the clash with Real Madrid.


“Having already edited two seasons together with Chiel, we were faced with a challenge in season 3. A new football season was approaching, but we wanted to avoid repeating the same narrative as in previous episodes. I think we were able to produce a refreshing season through experimenting with pacing and making more daring music choices, while staying in line with the rest of the series.

Personally, I am proudest of the El Clásico scene in episode 2. How do you make a match exciting to watch, when the majority of the viewers already know that FC Barcelona will go down against Real Madrid? And when you add the three camera angles, bilingual commentary, sound effects and music you have quite the puzzle to piece together.

After many failed attempts and quite a few headaches, I think we put together a that captures the tension well from start to finish. I, for one, had a lot of fun watching all the open mouthed Captains when they watched the scene for the first time.”

Nino Doornbos – Editor

“From our perspective, the creators, this was the ultimate project. We were on the plane when Koeman flew to Barcelona to make his dream come true and we were there when the adventure ended. And everything in between has been a wonderful rollercoaster. To come so close into such a secluded world, filled with sponsor interests, with a man who barely shows himself is a wonderful accomplishment for our team. Everything came together”

Jop Goslinga – Executive Producer

Production photos