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<h2>Delft doe je niet zomaar</h2>
Delft doe je niet zomaar

<h4>The assignment</h4>

TU Delft asked Captains for help in creating video content to help inform future students. To ensure that students make a well informed choice and eventually a small group switches or quits. To enable students to make a well informed study choice, we spoke to the target audience based on intrinsic motivation.

Together with director Symen Hoogesteger we decided to work with relevant experiences of teachers and students. Stories from the work field, where the stimulation of intrinsic motivation requirest an honest telling.


Initially TU Delft wanted to reduce the dropout rate in the first academic year by providing the right information. It’s interesting how the combination of strategy/concept (Born05) and editorial video content (Captains) strenghtens each other and leads to an informative message. From the target audience, for the target audience.

Friso van der Veen – Client Strategist