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Gemeente Den Haag

Encouraging city pride among young professionals

The city The Hague wanted to improve its image amongst students and young professionals so that this group would feel more attracted to the city. How do you get young talent to consider The Hague as a city to live, work and study?

Puike plannen

How do we challenge students and young professionals to come up with a plan to better The Hague?

Imagine a better world

One Young World is an event where future leaders come together to form new ideas and insights to contribute to a better world. We followed four young leaders throughout the entire event.

Welcome Mayor

<h2>Welcome Mayor</h2> Story Claudia <h4>The assignment</h4> The Hague has a new mayor: Jan van Zanen! In this video, the people of The Hague welcome their new mayor and introduce him to their city. <h4>Team</h4>

Student en stad

<h2>Student en stad</h2> Story Jaber <h4>The assignment</h4> For the municipality of The Hague we created a video campaign to reach potential new students (Dutch and international) that contributes to a strong profile of The Hague as an appealing city for students. In this series, 3 students tell their story. <h4>Team</h4> <h4>Videos</h4> Story Rita Story Niek…

Grand Départ

The Hague and Rotterdam are trying to bring the new Grand Départ to the Netherlands and are submitting their plans to Tour-director Christian Prudhomme. We made a video for this special occasion.

Starters Den Haag

How we create a campaign around The Hague’s starters climate. A video series where we showcase what makes The Hague so interesting for starters.