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New co-owners Captains

Boudewijn Vermolen, Chiel Verbakel and Lucy van Gaalen have become co-owners of Captains. This trio has been working at the media company for years and have been closely involved in its fast growth and development.

‘Captains is jumping for joy with these three wonderfully special people taking this step’, CEO Remy Steijger says. ‘Jop and I are currently the owners that can be found on the work floor each day to experience this incredible adventure that Captains is on. Dedicated and independent people who have fun every day is the essence of our philosophy. It is also a good description of Chiel, Lucy and Boudewijn. They are the ultimate ambassadors of our culture and form a solid base of the company.’

International projects’
Lucy, executive producer: ‘It’s a great honor for me to become co-owner, it feels like an amazing crown on my work. It’s my goal to further develop Captains into a platform for young, talented creators with whom we develop series, films and documentaries of international allure. The fact that Captains continues to produce productions with integrity and stylishness makes me very proud.’

Rejecting phone call’
Boudewijn, chief operating officer: ‘Five years ago, right after Captains was founded in a small office space in an industrial area in The Hague, the ambition on these two guys was clearly visible. I immediately knew: I need to be a part of their adventure. Unfortunately they didn’t share that belief and a rejection phone call followed after my job interview. To protect them of this, in my eyes, big mistake I proposed to settle for a reimbursement of expenses for the first few months. Since then I haven’t been able to protect them – and them me – from my mistakes, nevertheless the ambition is undiminished and contagious. That it has constantly felt like this in the previous years is a compliment to Jop and Remy, but I am very proud that Captains has now become our adventure.’

‘Seeing professionals have fun with their work’
Chiel, senior editor and director of Força Koeman: ‘I had built a name for myself as a freelance editor, with a lot of freedom. There wasn’t really a reason for me to make any changes to that, but the Captains-project was too good. The ambition and fun that they radiated managed to convince me. The past for years I worked as head of video and contributed to building the creative team. Beside that, I’m also very involved in a lot of the content, like my role as director and editor for the Força Koeman series. It is indicative of the space and creative freedom I have here and that means a lot to me. When I walk through the office and see all these professionals have fun at their work, I feel proud that I contributed to this. Captains has always felt a bit of it was mine, and that it now officially is feels really good.’

About Captains
We are a young, independent media company specialized in non-fiction video and film for broadcasters, brands and streamers. With simply fun as the most important pillar of our work, our team of 25+ editors, producers and creatives work from our office in the iconic old station of Delft. In November we won our second FD Gazelle Award, a financial growth prize, proudly making us one of the fastest growing companies of the Netherlands.