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New captains

In the past few weeks we have strengthened our team with five new captains. And we are very proud of our new recruits. Right before the corona crisis Captains was already facing a new growth leap, but we decided to slow this down at the time. We have to admit, we did this out of uncertainty. Now we are ready for a new step, because our growth is far from over.

The five new captains will each be working in different teams of the company. They are more than happy to individually introduce themselves. Before we do that: keep an eye out for new vacancies that will be going live on our website soon.

The new captains

Lieke de Wilde – Projectmanager

Lieke is joining our project management team, with experience as a producer at Talpa, AT5 and NH Media, among others. She is not fazed by strict deadlines and feels her creative environment flawlessly. As project manager at Captains she will direct all projects. Her warm personality and determination make for a golden combination.

“After years of working for TV I thought it was time for something different. I was looking for an agency where storytelling was the most important pillar, and where I could further develop my entrepreneurship skills. I found this combination at Captains: a vibrant workplace filled with passionate people in the most beautiful building in Delft, my hometown.”

Helen van Trierum – Client Director

Helen has a resume that would cause most people’s mouths to water. She was head of marketing at IKEA (around 8 years) and HEMA. From there she was also ad interim involved with an impressive trio of organisations. Fun fact: Captains-founder Remy Steiger used to be one of her interns while she was a top woman at IKEA.

“Moving people through stories. This inspiring vision that Captains has is the reason I stepped on board. After 20 years of vision driven retail I am finally ready to take a seat at the other side of the table. Or rather, to stand on the podium, because I want to tell ‘everyone’ about the power of a good story, about the power of quality video content. And then I’ll also add that Captains consists solely of fun, smart, creative enthusiasts. I’ve felt at home here from the first time we met.”

Friso van der Veen – Accountmanager

Friso is going to advise many of our clients, and will do so with a very varied background. He used to work for highly creative production companies (Lukkien en Cooler Media) as well as a conversion driven online marketing agency (VONQ). This gives him a good understanding of a client’s goals, as well as the creative process.

“Making an impact by sharing real stories. That was the reason for me to become a Captain. With experience in media production and online media, I know better than anyone how important impactful content is. As account manager at Captains I want to work with clients ontheir (marcom)goals with the help of creative storytelling.”

Margo de Roos – Producer

Margo started her career at VPRO, where she produced several different travel programs. Later she worked at Omroep Human and Talpa. At Captains, Margo will be taking on the production of (video)productions. Her calm personality creates order in a sometimes chaotic creative environment at Captains.

“Captains is a company that fits exactly with what I’m looking for: a creative and pleasant work environment with passionate colleagues. The work is very diverse, making every day different. Working together with a great team striving for the best results. That never gets boring and keeps you motivated”

Maria Gertsen – Editor

Maria stood out due to her quite exceptional mix of experience. She gained production and editorial experience at Blue Circle and 3FM, after which she started working for an agency as a growth hacker and online marketeer. Her sharp eye for stories and feel for new media join together in Captains’ editorial team, where she will be doing research for (video)productions.

“I immediately felt that Captains’ core values were a good fit for me. Sincerity and honesty. I can also use my entrepreneurial drive here, wanting to dive into a product and make it as good as possible. Continually wanting to create something that you are proud of.”