Internship Editing

As an editing intern, you are part of our creative team. You are going to take lots of steps in editing, but will also join in brainstorming sessions for new campaigns, documentaries and social content.

Who are we looking for?


  • Are an editor with a bit of experience, but hungry to take steps at the editing table
  • Can edit content, focusing more on a good product than effects. You don’t need to have a lot of tricks up your sleeve.
  • You feel socially involve and have integrity: our projects are often documentaries, which suits you.
  • Have a structured way of working. Because you are going to be working hard with our team, and not on meaningless projects, a structured way of working is truly a must.
  • Are a third-year HBO- or WO-student in the direction of media/film or you are a self-taught enthusiast who is almost ready for their first job.
  • Have experience with Adobe and know how to work within their programs (Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator)
  • Are excited, want to collaborate and you are a good communicator.
  • Will get a lot of freedom, but are about to handle this well on your own.

And this is what you will be doing


As an editing intern you are a part of the creative team. You are going to take big steps in editing, but will also take part in brainstorming sessions for new campaigns, documentaries and social content. You may also have to assist during shooting days.

You have a talent for aesthetics, have an eye for (graphic) detail and are able to go to work in a secure way. You make bold music choices and inside-the-box editing is not in your vocabulary.

We find it important that you have the same affinity for storytelling as we do. Solid content where you are able to highlight the main character through your edits is worth more to you than gimmicks and tricks. Just like us, you prefer stories that move you and want to tell a beautiful story.

What do we offer?

  • An internship where you are a member of the team
  • An inspiring work environment in the old station of Delft
  • Help from experienced editors – we are more than happy to invest time to evaluate your work
  • A chair massage every month (yes, really)
  • Internship compensation
  • The chance to continue your career with us after your internship
Who will be your colleagues?
Why do you work at Captains?

Because I eventually fell for Jop’s persistent charm tactics, who managed to convince me that I could make better productions in a team than by myself. I’ve never regretted taking that step by the way. Now I get to surround myself with a great group of talented people everyday.

What did you do before this?

After the Hogeschool for Arts I worked as a freelance film and tv editor for almost ten years.

What do you do in your free time?

Make music, paint and show Captains that I’m the best at Red Alert.

Chiel Verbakel (33)

Head of Video
Waarom werk je bij Captains?

After finishing my studies I started working at a secondment agency for editors. After 6 months I found Captains, which was located in The Hague at the time. I had such a good time here that I immediately switched and started working here. So far, after almost 3 years, I still don’t regret that decision.

What did you do before this?

In 2018 I finished my studies in International Media & Entertainment Management in Breda. Then I got started as an editor at a secondment agency. I worked in the most diverse places, from Shownieuws to World Cup basketball.

What do you do in your free time?

This former Brabander moved to the beautiful city of Delft around 6 months ago. So my free time mainly consists of figuring out how to cook and how to do laundry. Other than that I try to drag myself to the Basic-Fit. And I cause myself pain by going to de Kuip on Sunday’s to watch Feyenoord.

Nino Doornbos (24)

Video Creative
Why do you work at Captains?

To work on cool projects with a talented group of people!

What did you do before this?

Graduated from SintLucas. Traveling in South Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. Working as a freelance video creator.

What do you do in your free time?

Drink beer

Boyd Helderton (23)

Video Creative
About Captains

Captains is a media company. Independent. With its own editorial team. Producing for social media, TV and streamingservices.

Our team makes films, video’s and formats that resonate with people. Productions that make an impact because they are genuine.

Over ons

Send your CV and letter of motivation to

Everyone is different and we want this to show in our work. Ensuring that requires a diverse organisation. In the event of equal suitability, preference is given to a candidate who enhances the diversity within our team.

Application process

Application process

After submitting your CV and motivation letter, one or more Captains will take a look at it. We try our best to get back at you as quickly as possible. You will hear from us within 2 weeks.

Application process

Initial introduction (online)

When you’ve managed to convince us we will invite you for an online first introduction. We will do this through Google Meet. Usually 2 captains will be present.

Application process

Second introduction (in Delft)

Within a week, we will get back to you with our thoughts on our initial meeting. If we think you could potentially become a Captain, we will invite you for a second introduction. Probably with 2 new Captains that you have not met yet.

Application process

Third introduction or a terms of employment meeting

You will hear back from us within a week. Sometimes we’re still unsure so we will have a third introductory meeting, but usually we will come with a contract offer.

Application process


Great, a new colleague!

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