Are you are newest (aspiring) captain?

Fun every day

Fun every day. It may sound too simple. Yet it is the most important pillar of our work culture. It’s the reason our company exists. In all honesty, this doesn’t always work. And yet it is still the most important factor in all the decisions that we make.

For us, fun every day consists largely of freedom. The freedom to shape your way of working and to be of influence on the course. The freedom to develop yourself and chase your dreams.

A crucial condition for that freedom is immense responsibility. This is great for some, but a hard-to-carry weight for others. Freeing for some, but restricting for others. That is why (unfortunately) not everyone can work for us. We’ll admit, it’s a flaw in our philosophy.

But we still stand by this philosophy. For us, fun every day pushes people upwards, brings them unexpected big achievements, it allows people to be seen and heard and allows for initiative to be rewarded. It automatically selects dedicated colleagues, forms passionate teams, puts things into perspective when tension is high and makes playfulness and uninhibited people when the status quo is threatened.

To those asking How do we ensure that a small player from Delft will someday challenge the biggest players in the world? We say:Fun every day.

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Fulltime (40 hours)

Experienced Producer

Fulltime (40 hours)
Why become a captain?
Own work hours

Eigen werktijden bepalen en hulp bij het vinden van je ideale ritme.

Influence on the course

Iedere Captain mag ieder besluit nemen, mits ‘ie kennis inwint bij het team. Dat is de regel die ervoor zorgt dat eigen initiatief extreem gestimuleerd wordt.

Unlimited vacation days

Je weet zelf het best wat goed voor je is.


Wij vinden ontwikkeling als organisatie belangrijker dan winstmaximalisatie. Geld is een middel, geen doel.


Ontwikkeling door middel van je eigen studies, congressen, kasten vol boeken, interessante mentoren en eigen projecten.

Captains Villa

Af en toe verplaatsen wij het kantoor naar mooie villa’s in het buitenland - voor plezier en inspiratie.

The Station

Our office inspires! We have focus areas and social rooms. And on top of that: we are located in the center of Delft. Our office is next to a park, a restaurant, a lounge bar and cozy squares are at a walking distance.

About Captains

Want er zijn veel mooiere plekken in Nederland dan Amsterdam

Average age of 28

En dan rekenen we die ene veertigplusser nog mee ook.

Founded in 2015

Het voelt alsof we nog maar net zijn begonnen.

67% male / 33% female

Die verhouding is ook wel eens omgekeerd geweest, we proberen een balans te vinden.