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De Haagse Windwapper, a journalistic production by Captains

De Haagse Windwapper

Along the A4 – on The Hague grounds – a windmill of 100 meters tall has been built. A prestige project for The Hague, a downright horror for residents of Zeeheldenwijk in Leidschendam. Captains is producing a documentary about the controversial wind turbine.

The local residents have banded together in Bewonersgroep Windturbine Vlietzone (BWV) to fight against the hated windmill. The resistance in Leidschendam against the Haagse Wind Wapper is exemplary for a growing problem. People all over the land are being involved way too late in the decision making process, resulting in them having no place to go with their complaint. According to emeritus professorof law Koers, this is a serious violation of the legal protection of citizens, similar to the toeslagenaffaire.

Executive producer Boudewijn Vermolen came up with the idea for the documentary. “I know one of the families who now have this turbine in their backyard and that they were not pleased about it. At first I dismissed it as a bit of a luxury problem. Literally years later I discovered that they are still – without result – campaigning against it. I messaged them to see if they would want to tell their story in front of the camera, but this was immediately rejected because that ‘political cesspool’ brings too much negative energy. That’s when I knew we had to do something with this.”

Director Marlou Wirken “Headaches, sleepless nights and a blocked view; When a windmill is placed in your backyard – without consultation – your whole world is turned upside down. In/with this documentary we show what the personal effects can be of a single windmill for an entire town in Leidschendam.”

De Haagse Windwapper fits perfectly into Captains’ ambition to provide good, small, local stories to a large audience. The documentary is being produced with the help of Zuid-Hollandse Mediafonds. De Haagse Windwapper will be airing on Omroep West this summer.