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Captains is working for Allianz Direct!

New collaboration with Allianz Direct

Fun news: Starting March 2020, Captains is starting a new collaboration with Allianz Direct. Allianz Direct, formerly known as Allsecur, is doing everything they can to become the most reliable and efficient insurer.

Their recent rebranding was cause to look at how brand identity can be strengthened on the online channels through engaging social content. The strategy that Captains has developed for Allianz Direct has led to an omni channel content mix, with engagement as the main goal. Video is the most important element in this new content mix. The personal approach of the insurer can be properly loaded through different video formats.

“I have worked successfully with Captains in the past. That was the reason to invite them again for this pitch route. What amazes me every time is the way that Captains is able to add real emotion to the content they produce. For me, that was the deciding factor in choosing for Captains.”

Youp Havermans (Manager Social Media)