We grew up in the digital age; new media is in our DNA, telling stories is in our hearts. Stories with which we move people in a world of mass content.

By combining creativity and technology, we feel like we are the agency of a new generation. Production and distribution under one roof; directors and online marketers at the same drawing board. We use insight into data and a sense of trends as a foundation for our work, with value for the viewer as the most important factor.

We are able to move your audience with campaigns, shows, and commercials. We build channels and develop formats. Together with brands, agencies, and media, we move millions of people every year.

On all continents, people can share the same story at exactly the same time. That is our fascination; the possibilities offered by digital media.
The ancient art of storytelling has been given a new dimension. Captains is the agency of that new dimension.

Moving people through stories


People often say that we have our own culture. We take that as a great compliment. We see a distinct culture as the foundation of a flourishing enterprise.

Our view of work, development, and motivation was once the greatest driving force for establishing Captains. Our greatest asset is our team. Ultimately, its vision and drive determine the course and development of the organization. To make this tangible, we have shaped our vision of culture. Our culture revolves around the trinity of pleasure, entrepreneurship, and craftsmanship.



Series distributed through new media to move target groups. Branded or sponsored, short or long form.


Ultimate coherence of story, timing, audience, and channel; in the digital rhythm. Content and distribution in optima forma.


Made for digital, as the flagship of campaigns. Never pushed, always made for the audience.


Brands are the new publishers. Together we build a channel with continuous stories for your audience.


Turning customers into fans? We believe in the opposite: Creating fans and turning them into customers.


Some stories need to be told. We devise the format ourselves and add marketing intelligence to the distribution.

ARCH Football

Our label is specialized in spreading inspiring football (soccer) stories. The same services and skills as Captains, combined with a huge network within the biggest sport in the world, and a big heart for football and its fans.

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Remy Steijger

Head of Operations

Jop Goslinga

Head of Mission

Jan Roos

Head of Client Success

Ingrid de Rijke

Director of Business Management

Boudewijn Vermolen

Head of Strategy

Chiel Verbakel

Head of Video

Lucy van Gaalen

Creative Strategist

Christian Kasius

Motion Designer & Video Creator

Ewout Welsink

Video Creator

Marlies van der Kolk

Project Manager

Rik Komáromi


Maryn Kooter


Sofie Goslinga

Personal Assistant of all Captains

Davita Korteland

Video Creator & Graphic Designer

Nino Doornbos

Video Creator - ARCH Football

Evelien Spruijt


Hans Dari Gunung

Head of Relaxation