About us

We love great stories

Moving people through stories

Captains started modestly in 2015. Founded by two dreamers with no track record, but with belief in the underdog. With more than thirty people working on local and international productions, we may not look like the underdog we were back then anymore, but that’s a misconception.

We are still the underdog.

While our team consists of a rich collection of characters, we all share the same drive to defeat Goliath. It’s our mentality. Out of love for our work.

This is why we question old media laws. We are independent. We frequently hire people who may not have the richest CV, but who do have that twinkle in their eyes. We have high hopes for the new generation: It’s our biggest ambition to help them rise to extraordinary levels.

Captains runs on the power of change. To never settle. That’s what makes us quick on our feet and pragmatic. And sometimes stubborn. We produce for social media, TV and streaming services. From non-fiction commercials to theatrical documentaries. From seconds to seasons. From mobile to cinema.

A couple of years ago these were utopian combinations, but now it is our successful reality. But the thing that connects our genres, platforms and customers has never changed. It is the power to amaze and move people with stories.

Stories produced with dedication.

What we do

Own way of working

Regardless of the client, we make videos that people want to see.

Young producers, pragmatic creatives and dedicated editors.

We are able to produce for every screen using our strategic understanding of every platform. Small or big, from seconds to seasons.

Our services

The most extraordinary, touching, funny or feel-good stories of real people captured in a fitting way.

If you want to communicate your newest products, we are not the ones for you. But we are happy to help brands who have a real story to tell.

Sponsored or branded content for parties who are looking for something different than just another surface level format with a random influencer.

Our team
Remy Steijger

Co-founder / Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Jop Goslinga

Co-founder / Chief Creative Officer (CCO)

Boudewijn Vermolen

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Lucy van Gaalen

Executive Producer

Chiel Verbakel

Head of Video

Nino Doornbos
Nino Doornbos

Video Creative

Christian Kasius

Motion Designer / Video Creative

Yannick Commereuc

Video Creative

Boyd Helderton

Video Creative

Juul van Geleuken

Video Creative

Maria Gertsen


Marlou Wirken


Christine Boersma


Milou Makaay

Editorial Intern

Aymen Knappers

Editorial Intern

Friso van der Veen

Client Strategist

Frank van der Stelt


Sofie Goslinga


Thijs Schreuders


Megan Spros

Production Intern

Nada Kreber

Financial Controller

Marissa Koolwijk
Marissa Koolwijk

Advertising Specialist

Hans Dari Gunung

Head of relaxation

Our partners
Captains Studio

Captains Studio, our label, is an independent production house specialised in high-end cinematographic productions with an editorial approach and groundbreaking potential. Our work is spread through (non-)linear television, streaming services and other digital platforms.

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