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Moving people through stories

We grew up in the digital world with new media in our DNA, and story-telling in our hearts. Stories with which we move people in an era of mass content. We work locally and internationally for brands, agencies, and media that, like us, want to add value for the viewer. Together, we inspire millions of people every year.

Recent Cases

Together with brands, agencies and (online) channels, we move millions of people every year. View our latest work here.

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The ultimate stage for disabled photographers; millions of people surprised

Viral stunt brings Huawei's flagship phone 'P20Pro' to the attention of millions of Dutch people.

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Promoting city pride among young professionals at home and abroad

Multi-year partnership in which the Be Hague channel has been established for ongoing stories and campaigns.

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The world knew all the football stories, except these

96 videos, filmed in 3 continents, in 7 countries, and in 13 cities for the world's largest football app.

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What we do


Brands are the new publishers. Together we build a channel with continuous stories for your audience.

Hero Films

The flagship of campaigns. Never pushed, always made to conquer the heart of the audience.

Campaign Content

The ultimate combination of story, timing, audience, and channel; in the digital rhythm. Content and distribution in optima forma.

Series & Documentaries

Spread through new media to move target groups. Branded or sponsored, short or long form.

Social Content

Turning customers into fans? We believe in the opposite: Creating fans and turning them into customers.

Owned Formats

Some stories need to be told. We devise the format ourselves and add marketing intelligence to the distribution.


Fun, craftsmanship, and entrepreneurship are the pillars of our idiosyncratic culture. Daily pleasure is the most important condition for us to achieve great results. We see it as the essence of craftsmanship, and the most important driving force behind entrepreneurship.

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Our customers

We work both locally and internationally for channels, agencies, and brands that, like us, want to create value for the viewer.

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