The Dutch International Film Fund (DIFF) is a private equity fund that invests in high-end films and series that are produced for an international audience.

The fund was established early in 2024 with an initial commitment of EUR 500.000. The fund's Q1 ‘25 target is to attract additional funding and bring the total commitment to EUR 2.5 million.

The fund was established to promote independent film financing in The Netherlands of Dutch – in both executive team and subject matter – productions that are developed for international audiences. The fund is primarily active in the realm of documentary and documentary-adjacent entertainment with a non-exclusive focus on OTT. 

Rooted in a core belief in the Dutch talent for Realism, DIFF’s founders and initial financiers are the co-owners of Captains. Believing that The Netherlands should be the best in the world, both artistically and commercially, in the exploitation of Documentaries. This fund is explicitly designated to accelerate that mission.

Captains acts as the fund’s asset manager and considers the fund to be an integral part of Captains' strategy for facilitating the work of producers and creators as well as furthering the completion of domestic, high-quality audiovisual content.

For inquiries: Remy Steijger

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