This is IKEA is a film that Inter IKEA Systems B.V. uses internally internationally, showing all people within IKEA why it is so important that everyone follows the same rules. So that the vision - to create a better everyday life for the many people - can be followed unambiguously, everywhere and by everyone.

Because we believe that you only really move people when you touch them, Captains suggested translating the rules underlying the IKEA vision into real stories. True anecdotes from IKEA employees, but also from customers. Stories that make everyone at IKEA immediately understand: this is what I want to contribute to.

Through extensive research, we looked for international stories that fit together like a puzzle. The fact that everyone in the film spoke in his or her native language was an important conceptual choice. This was precisely how we were able to convey the grand and international of IKEA. So that both a food court employee from China, and a franchisee from America, could identify with what we wanted to tell.

The concept seemed bold: a short film with only interview settings. Just people talking into the lens, from one and the same camera perspective. No B-roll to hide behind. But by allowing language and content to dominate, as well as specific form choices such as the use of Eye Direct camera technology, a compelling storyline emerged.