Way more meaningful than that what just fits within a flashy clip of 30’ called a TVC. We tell stories, more than 10 flashy shots with a cliché voice over. We have mastered the art of wrapping a good story into the most attractive package you will unwrap like a raving kid. That's why we work for brands that have a story to tell.

We build new structures where brands reach the general public, and streamers are guaranteed quality content. We do not shy away from business cases with new funding constructions. And we have to. We even see it as our duty. Because there is an ever-growing gap in the media industry - a fragmented landscape, creators with good ideas but no resources and brands seeking audiences. We break old media laws, link brands to streamers and tell stories that audiences actually want to watch. It's that simple.

Our branded work ranges from doc-style commercials, online series, to branded documentaries and full seasons broadcast internationally via streaming platforms.