Here’s how we define what we do: we tell character-driven stories through the eyes of the worlds’ most extraordinary people. We unveil the unseen, we offer new perspectives on things you thought you knew, and let you explore intriguing and thrilling worlds.

It’s simply because we love people. Famous or unheard-of. Big stories told through small familiarities, or small stories that symbolize the big. We mastered the character-story because we believe that they have the power to move people. And because we originate in new media, we focus on new-age streaming audiences. Audiences that are critical, flooded with choice and longing for new perspectives. Our mission is to add depth and new perspectives to what the mainstream often gets to see.

In a couple of years our production staff has grown to over fifty, while our core team consists of roughly fifteen producers, creatives and financing specialists. For several years, Captains is awarded as one of the fastest-growing media companies in the Netherlands (FD Gazellen).